Chimney Bluffs State Park

July 9, 2015Chimney Bluffs State Park is a perfect place for a nice stroll through the woods and down to the water.  We enjoyed the views from the bluffs, and the face that the forest trail was both shaded and not very crowded.  The rocky beach at the base of the bluffs made for challenging walking, given the footing and other sightseers.  The parking lot at the top of the bluffs affords bathrooms and a drinking fountain, and an immediate view of the lake below.

Zoar Valley – The Point

July 5, 2015 –  Today’s adventure was driving down to Zoar Valley and doing the very short walk up to The Point.  The day was perfect, sunny but not too warm or humid, and we enjoyed our little stroll through the woods and to the valley overlook.  We started hiking down towards the valley, but that trail was a little muddier than we were looking for.  Instead we went to a nearby Tim Horton’s for a mocha and a campfire s’mores mocha, and then to a small park for a picnic lunch.

Old Fort Niagara

July 4, 2015 – On July 3rd we ventured into East Aurora for the fireworks show at the park.  Even though we were there 30 minutes before the show, the baseball field was totally packed.  We were lucky to find a spot right by the pitcher’s mound, spread out our blanket, and enjoyed about 30 minutes of very nice fireworks. :)

On July 4th we all went to Old Fort Niagara to watch the French and Indian War reenactment.  There were quite a few re-enactors taking part.  Before they started the 2pm battle, we explored some of the buildings inside the fort.  If you walk to the top of any of the towers, watch for nesting barn swallows (and maybe wear a hat 😉 ).

Hunter’s Creek Park

July 3, 2014 – Since we have a new kitten we didn’t want to be gone too long, but still wanted to get outside on a gorgeous three day weekend. Hunter’s Creek Park was the perfect nearby, only slightly muddy, hiking destination.  The trails are fairly easy to follow, and as long as you remember where the parking lot is it’s tough to get lost.  Despite a handful of cars in the parking lot the park seems big enough to not see too many others on the trails, and we enjoyed the views of the river and the small waterfalls as we strolled through the woods.