Dragon’s Tooth and Huckleberry Trails

These pictures are mainly from the weekends and include pictures from Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, Dragon’s Tooth, AT (Appalachian Trial), and Huckleberry Trail.

If you haven’t heard of the Dragon’s Tooth trail, it is definitely worth checking out. It’s a pretty challenging trail that requires hiking an ascent of 1700 feet in about 2.7 miles. If you haven’t been walking or hiking at all in a while, you might want to take it easy (although if I can make it without too much trouble, you should be ok too). I’ve included a map that has the Dragon’s Tooth trail marked, just look at Route 311 north of I-81. Be careful though, there are a couple of AT parking lots before the Dragon’s Tooth trail. The parking lot for the trail will be clearly marked and say Dragon’s Tooth.

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