Spring Break 2005

Spring Break was definitely a blast this year!  Louisa and I traveled all over the place this break, including Beckley, Brownsville, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto, back to Buffalo, back to Pittsburgh, back to Brownsville, Washington DC, and then back to Blacksburg.  We learned a lot of things on this trip as well:

  • When going to the Planet Hollywood in Toronto, don’t expect to get refills on your drinks.  You will have a better chance of finding a parking space in DC during the ACC Tournament (more on this later).
  • Don’t try to go to the ROM in Toronto while it is pouring outside and they are doing massive construction.
  • Dave and Busters is wicked cool if you like playing lots of arcade games.
  • Don’t lose your voice the day that break starts, it is bad for your significant other when they might want to have long talks.
  • Parking near the MCI Center is suicide when ANYTHING AT ALL is going on there.  Don’t even try it, you WILL be sorry.
  • If you didn’t follow the advice on the last tip, exercise your middle finger beforehand, you will need it.  (This goes both ways, city drivers will not be afraid to use it either)
  • Popeye’s Chicken still r0xx0rs.
  • If you are from the country, be prepared for blood sucking scam artists that HQ themselves at the Smithsonian Metro Stop.  Be sure to avoid them at all costs (or at least try to steal one of their maps and run quickly)
  • This also goes for shady guys who follow you on the street like some warped cheerful stalker.
  • Bring a laptop with wireless access with you so can hack wireless routers around the city.  This works because people are too lazy to care about securing their connections

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