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BBQ Post 401: Good, Quick BBQ

If you are looking for good BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA, then BBQ Post 401 may just be the place for you.  It is considered an “outpost” of the Dixie Bones in Woodbridge, VA, which appears to mean that it has a smaller menu than the main location.

The menu at BBQ Post 401 itself consists of just three meats, pork, beef, and chicken, in either a plate or sandwich format. The sides? Just fries and coleslaw. While this may seem to be a downside, these items are prepared very well.  On two separate occasions, we had tasty, moist smoked beef and pork that rivaled BBQ that we’ve had anywhere else.  Our sauce of choice, the original tomato BBQ, compliments the meat very well and does not overpower the actual flavor of the meat. My only complaint with the sauce is that it could have a little more spice, but this did not detract from the quality of the meal.  There are two other sauces, a vinegar-based sauce and an Alabama-style white sauce. I don’t prefer these styles personally, so I can’t comment on their quality.  :)  The fries and coleslaw were awesome, and Louisa especially liked the slaw on her pork sandwich.

UPDATE: After reading this post, Louisa informed me that she disagrees with my assessment that the sauce could use more spice.  She liked it as-is. :)

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Florida Road Trip: Jekyll Island, GA and Amelia Island, FL

Male Osprey

At this moment, we were happy to not be a fish…

March 6, 2010 – This past Friday we headed down to Columbia, South Carolina.  The city is about 4 hours away, and makes a good jumping off point for Florida.  Saturday morning we got ready and hit the road yet again.  We timed our driving so that we would arrive at Wiley’s BBQ in time for lunch, and split the sampler plate.  As usual, everything was fantastic… the chicken was moist and flavorful, and the brisket is making Louisa into a brisket believer.  The ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, and the sauce complements all the meats without overpowering them. After fueling ourselves, and filling up the rental car (shout out to Nissan Altimas, they’re pretty good little cars), we got back on the road.

Osprey and Fish

…too bad this fish wasn’t as lucky.

Before we got to Florida we decided to stop at Jekyll Island, part of the Golden Isles in Georgia.  The weather was perfect, and the island was very pretty.  We stopped at the visitor center, then avoided the center of town, parked our car and wandered along the beach and through a forest.  Along the way back to the car we saw an osprey nesting in the distance; we finally figured out how to drive over to the boat launch area near the osprey.  Tony spent some time photographing the osprey and its mate; Louisa didn’t see the little female in the tree and scared her off, receiving evil glares from the male osprey.  Fortunately, the little bird came back to her nest, and all was well again.

Old Building

One of the many older buildings on Amelia Island

After leaving Jekyll Island, we drove down to Amelia Island, Florida.  Amelia Island and the Golden Isles are very close together, though in separate states.  Amelia Island was rather crowded, so we drove back through town and ate dinner at Barbara Jean’s.  Tony enjoyed his food (though wasn’t blown away by the tuna and crab cake); Louisa greatly enjoyed her cheese grits with shrimp and spicy sausage.  After dinner we continued our drive and spent an enjoyable night at the Comfort Suites at Palm Bay.

Photo Album: Jekyll Island, GA

Drive from Colorado to Virginia

Hot And Tasty Butts

Let’s see what this does to our search engine results. :-)

We recently finished a two-and-a-half day cross-country drive from Colorado to Virginia.  It began Thursday, October 8th, when Louisa flew from Roanoke, VA, to Dulles and then to Denver, CO.

Palm Fronds

Palm Fronds (Not to be confused with the Palm Pre)

On Friday, we finished cleaning out the old apartment, and then went to the Triceratops Trail in Golden, CO.   We enjoyed seeing the dinosaur prints, as well as fossils of bird tracks, rain drops, leaves, and bug tracks.  We also had a great view of the Front Range.  Then, we began our drive to Kansas City, MO.


There were no errors with this BBQ.

Saturday morning we went to L.C.’s BBQ for a lunch of burnt end sandwiches.  The sauce was excellent, and the burnt end sandwich was wonderful.  The thick cut fries were also great.  After lunch, we resumed our drive towards Bowling Green, KY.  On the drive through St. Louis we passed next to the Arch, and then over the Mississippi River.  We also saw some pretty Fall colors on the drive through KY.  For dinner we stopped at White Castle, where we enjoyed slyders and fries (we also stopped at White Castles for snacks on Sunday).


The cave was full of these gypsum formations.

On Sunday we took the Grand Avenue tour in Mammoth Cave.  The tour was massive – 4.5 miles over a period of 4.5 hours.  We got to hike up and down two 90′ “mountains” inside the cave, see a lot of gypsum – both “flowers” and sparkly patterns on the walls, the Snowball dining room (so named for fist-sized gypsum snowballs) – where we stopped for some warm vegetable soup, the Frozen Niagara and the stalactite and stalagmite section.  We also saw a wild turkey and deer on the bus ride over to the man-made cave entrance.

After the tour we began our drive to Virginia.  We took a brief detour through Tennessee, and eventually made our way to Blacksburg.  All in all, we had a good drive, and got to see and do some fun things.

Frisco BBQ Festival


This is some false advertising…

We heard that Frisco was holding their annual BBQ festival/challenge, and decided to take a Saturday drive into the mountains to go to it.  Just before we reached Eisenhower Tunnel we saw signs saying that an accident had shut down the tunnel.  So we drove over Loveland Pass in order to bypass the tunnel.  Of course, we wound up behind 10 cars which were behind 2 large semis.  The views were great, though no one was very happy with the trucks.  Nevertheless, we got to Frisco before the festival started at 10am, parked, bought our food tickets, and happily wandered around sampling the food.

The main street was shut down and lined with vendors.  There was also some live country music.  We tried the grilled corn with butter (delicious), pulled pork (also very good), brisket, ribs, shrimp and sausage skewers, more grilled corn, bbq pork nachos (delicious), some more pork, and a bit more brisket.  The food was very good, and although we got sunburned, we had a great time.  Check out pictures here.