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Brother’s BBQ

We just returned from a wonderful dinner at Brother’s BBQ. The beef brisket, pork shoulder, pork ribs, BBQ baked beans, toasted rolls, fries, and mashed potatoes and gravy were all wonderful. The ribs are also grilled and the flavor is just exceptional. Did I mention that they give you a pack of 5 different sauces to try? The Sweet (Tony’s Favorite and Louisa’s Favorite on ribs), Original (Louisa’s Favorite on beef brisket), and Tangy Vinegar (good, but not as good as the others) sauces were all great. Overall, the best BBQ dinner in Denver that we’ve had to date.

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Hokes BBQ Review

Instead, we decided to check out Hoke’s BBQ, a great local BBQ place about 5 minutes from our apartment.  We had read good things about their food, so we decided to check it out.

First, atmosphere.  Think, local bar where the waitress knows what you drink and gets it for you as soon as you come in.  They have three tvs in the bar area, and you can still sit in the main sitting area and watch whatever game is on.

The menu is basic, but contains all the essentials:  pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, hot links, and ribs.  You can get sandwiches, po’ boys, and meat platters.  The sides are coleslaw, tater salad, and bbq beans.  There are also sweet potato fries, which are quite good.  We tried the ribs, pork, and brisket.  Everything was good, and the mild sauce was a nice mix of sweet and tangy.  And did I mention the fries?

All in all, we enjoyed our dining experience, and are glad to know that a great local BBQ place is just a few minutes away.


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Tetons: Bradley and Taggart Lakes

Foggy Tetons

The Tetons, in their non-hailed glory.

We left Friday night and drove part-way to Jackson, WY, before stopping for the night. While the drive was pretty uneventful, we did drive through a mini rockslide and some nice rain.

The next morning, we finished driving to the KOA outside of Jackson, WY. We really like the kamping kabins, and the close location of the campground to the park. So, after checking in, we decided to go on a hike. That plan was soon cut short by a quick moving thunderstorm.

So after an adventurous mini-hike the day before, complete with hail, thunder, and a good dinner at a local BBQ place, we decided to get up early and try the hike again. This time was a little more successful, even if it was very foggy. And by very foggy, we mean that we couldn’t see the mountains. At all. For at least the first part of the hike. We did get a lot of great pictures with the fog, though, and the fog cleared up just enough to get some good pictures of the lake and the mountains. We also saw a little ground bird and her babies (though we’re not sure what the bird was).

After that, we drove through the Tetons up to Yellowstone. Check out the galleries below:

Pearl Street Mall and Big Papa’s BBQ

So, yesterday we decided to venture north to the hippie and yuppie-populated land of Boulder. If you’ve ever watched South Park, you might be familiar with the hippie circles that sprang up in one episode. While Boulder isn’t quite that bad, it is a college city full of interesting people. We went to the Pearl Street Mall, which is several blocks long and closed to automobile traffic. There are double rows of planters with trees and flowers, which create a nice shaded path. The stores are eclectic, and while we didn’t go into any of them, it was fun to walk around and see what was there. There were also several groups of musicians, guitarists, two older gentlemen playing very long tubed instruments, and a flowing rock waterfall. There were also two semi-homeless guys, and a couple of backpackers. It is also a great place for activists and political parties to have petition signings and surveys (except that we mostly ignore them, since they can be too aggressive with their tactics).

Then we went to Big Papa’s BBQ for dinner. It’s a little restaurant in a shopping plaza, where there’s a big chalkboard menu and you order at the counter. While it’s unassuming (as I think good BBQ places should be) the smell of the food was enough to let you know this was a good choice for dinner. Tony enjoyed the ribs with Memphis sauce, mac n cheese and fries. Louisa had fried catfish, pulled pork with KC sauce, hush puppies and fried okra. The sides were very good, and the meat was incredible. The pork ribs were large and fairly lean, and the sauce was a perfect complement to the meat. The catfish tasted like catfish, but the homemade tartar sauce made that dish. The pulled pork and the sweet sauce to go with it was wonderful, tender but not dry, and very flavorful.

We also enjoyed root beer floats from A&W for dessert. They were a perfect ending to the meal.

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