Technology Roundup #1


This post is the first in a series of “roundup” posts covering the tech landscape.  Expect coverage on anything tech-related, including gaming, smartphones, photography, and the Internet itself.  Here are my picks for this first post:

The Verge Launches – Yesterday, The Verge launched as a pretty awesome technology news source.  I’ve been following many of these writers since their Engadget days, so it’s good to see that the wait has been worth it.  They are using a magazine-like layout with a unique font set, and also include a product database and forums.

Google Launches New Gmail and Reader Layout – Google’s new layout for Gmail and Reader to negative reviews due to missing features and slow performance.  At least things can’t get any worse for Google. Right???

Google Launches iOS Gmail App… Kind Of – Google launched their native Gmail App for iOS, only to have it taken down because of a notification bug.  It appears that there are other bugs present, and that the app is just a wrapper for the mobile web site.

NSFW Show Reaches Episode 100NSFW (Nominally Safe For Work) is a podcast that I listen to regularly, and so show you.  :) It is one of many shows on the TWiT network, which covers many aspects of technology.  NSFW plays more like a morning radio show than a tech show, but it is great for some laughs.

Go Launcher Ex – Not really a new product, but I have started using this as my home screen on my Photon 4G.  It is more responsive than the Blur home screen, and provides many customizable options. Grab it on the Android Market.