Restaurant Review: Texas Roadhouse in Littleton, CO

Visit Date: December 30, 2006

Summary: A great place to grab a rack of ribs and drinks (or steak).

Menu: It’s a steakhouse, so you can expect a wide selection of beef and chicken dishes with an emphasis on different steak cuts such as sirloin and ribeye.

Our Selections: Margarita, Coconut Margarita, Side Salad, Steak Fries, Sweet Potato w/ Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Butter, Mashed Potatoes w/ White Gravy, Full Rack of Ribs.

Initial Impressions

Louisa and I arrived at the Roadhouse around 3:45 pm, with enough time to enjoy a small portion of Happy Hour. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you will notice country music playing on the jukebox (it is Texas themed) and the wonderful smell of grilled steaks. The music provides great atmosphere if you like country music. Even though it was not yet dinner time, the Roadhouse was pretty crowded. This might have been caused by the holiday shoppers out before the New Year. We had a small wait to get a table, mainly due to a large group ahead of us.


While we were originally discouraged by someone complaining that they had not seen a server in 45 minutes, we had nothing but great service. In fact, we had ordered our drinks less than a minute after we were seated. Our drinks arrived in less than 5 minutes and our order was taken very promptly as well. Our food also arrived very promptly (less than 15 minutes after ordering). We were given the check and takeout boxes promptly after finishing our meal (promptly, but not feeling pressured to leave). Along with the takeout boxes, we were given extra BBQ sauce for our ribs.

Food and Drinks

The food at the Roadhouse was excellent as usual, as were the drinks. The frozen margaritas were blended well with no ice chunks to clog the straw (ice chunks in a blended drink are the worst). Since it was earlier in the day, we did not get any appetizers. If you are looking for an appetizer we would recommend the cheese fries or cactus blossom (deep fried onion), since we have been satisfied with these at other Texas Roadhouses. The main course was delicious, with fall-off-the-bone-tender ribs with great BBQ sauce, delicious mashed potatoes, and a delicious sweet potato. The steak fries were a little more cooked that I would like, but the seasonings that were used made up for that.

Overall Experience

As usual, we had a great time at the Roadhouse. Even though this was the first time visiting the Littleton location, it definitely won’t be the last. This is one of the better Roadhouses that we have been to (we’ve also visited Christiansburg, VA and Washington, PA) in terms of service and food. Highly recommended.

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