Fall in Colorado

Tony and Louisa in Fall
Checking out the yellow aspens.

Several weekends ago we decided to take a drive into the mountains.  We had heard that the trees are supposed to be beautiful, with their golden leaves.  We had a great weekend for the drive; mostly sunny, only slightly cloudy, and the leaves were near their peak with regards to color.

First we went to breakfast at Lucille’s; if you are ever near Denver, this is a wonderful spot for breakfast.  The chicory coffee, beignets, and homemade strawberry rhubarb jam are delicious; there are also exotic Creole entrees as well as more standard (but still slightly-exotic) fare.

After breakfast we initially planned to drive up I-70 into the mountains, but instead decided to take a small side road that went up into the foothills.  The road was winding, but we got some great views of the trees.  We eventually got to Central City and Blackhawk, where we got turned around trying to find the road we needed.  We found ourselves on a dirt road, up in the hills, going through a “town” with three run down buildings and a road with rocks sticking out of the dirt.  Fortunately, we also had some great views of the Fall colors, so the detour turned into a wonderful drive.


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