Whale Watch and Cadillac Mountain

August 18, 2010 – Today looked like a perfect morning for some boating!  Breakfast was great again – frittata with zucchini, cooked plum with raspberry jam and homemade granola, cranberry orange, and Belgium waffles with cranberry and orange zest.  After breakfast we walked the few blocks to the Bar Harbor Whale Watch office.  We decided to do the 8:30 am puffin and whale watch tour.  Fortunately for us, the seas were relatively calm (average crest height of 2.5′) and the fog wasn’t too dense.  Apparently the fog was so bad the previous day that the boat had to find whales via sound, rather than sight.

No, the seagull was not standing on the water.

We found a spot at the front of the boat along one of the sides, and were soon underway.  There was a large cruise ship in port, as well as a few lobster boats.  Past the ship, but before we got out of the bay, we saw a Minke whale.  The naturalist mentioned that this was only one of a few times during the season that a boat had seen a whale so early in the tour.

These puffins were happily enjoying the water.

After seeing if the whale would surface at all (it didn’t seem too interested in us), we continued on towards the Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge.  We saw puffins and guillemots swimming and flying (as well as one little puffin that kept catching fish).  We also admired the Petit Manan light house.  At this point, we were still happily standing at the front of the boat.  Then, the pilot decided to quickly accelerate in order to go find waves.  Let’s just say that was that.

Pilot Whales
Pilot whales swimming in the water.
Humpback Whales
Pair of humpback whales.

We saw a pod of pilot whales complete with babies.  These whales have to intentionally take each breath, so they, and especially the babies, stay close to the surface.  We also saw 3 other humpback whales.  Admittedly, we both were pretty wiped out from the Dramamine; Tony was feeling good otherwise, Louisa was just glad to see a lot of cool things (though she wasn’t running around the ship like Tony was, more like she was hanging out in the back glancing up when people became excited by whales) and be back on land.

Bar Island
The sand bar is busy when it is walkable (and drivable).

We managed to avoid the cruise ship crowds and had lunch at Galyn’s (scallops with garlic and mushrooms, baked haddock with a horseradish crumb topping, wild rice, and steamed broccoli).  After lunch, we walked a little bit of the sand bar to Bar Island.

Cadillac Mountain
View from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

After lunch wandered back through town and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain.  We were pretty wiped out from the 24 hour Dramamine, but we did a bit of exploring among the rocks and saw some great views.  Although it was overcast, it wasn’t foggy, and was a perfect afternoon for viewing.

Bald Eagle
Bald eagle landing on a tree.

That afternoon we checked into the Primrose Inn, room 2, got some snacks for the road (hermits that were put out for the afternoon tea) and headed to Schoodic Point.  This B&B was more of a “traditional” place (and the room may have been a bit musty).  Despite the comfy bed and afternoon treats, this was probably our least favorite B&B.  Along the way to Schoodic Point we stopped at at Ruth and Wimpy’s Kitchen to get dinner.  It was decent, diner food – lobster stew (very buttery, but good amount of meat), lobster roll (good, but not as good as naked lobster roll from earlier in the trip) and baked scallops with a butter cracker topping. After dinner we continued towards Schoodic Point.  Before we got there we saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree on a little island.  We pulled off the road, and went back to watch it for a little while.

Sunset view from the point.

Once we reached Schoodic Point, we saw the sun setting over the water; it turned the clouds a bright fuchsia.  We also shared the road with some adventurous sea gulls, and shared the water with a bunch of pesky mosquitoes.

Once back at our lodging, we got some coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies before bed time.


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