Baltimore Exploration: Theatre, Italian food, and the Waterfront

Driving Into Baltimore
Driving into Baltimore.

April 17, 2011 – A few weeks ago we ventured to Baltimore, MD to see “Westside Story” at the Hippodrome Theatre.  We parked in the garage near the theatre, and then headed towards the waterfront.

Waterfront Docking
One of the ships at the Inner Harbor.

Several ships were in harbor, including a submarine, Coast Guard vessel, and older (1800s-ish) ship.  Isabella’s in Little Italy provided a quick lunch stop.  They have a few tables for eating inside, and make a good chicken Parmesan sub (ask for it to be toasted in the oven) as well as a fantastic brick-oven baked pizza.  Our toppings of choice were a regular cheese with marinara, topped with meatballs and mushrooms.  The meatballs are particularly fabulous.

Outside the Hippodrome. (Which reminds me of the Technodrome.)
The Technodrome.

After eating we had about 30 minutes to get back to the theatre, which didn’t prove to be a problem.   We were in the center nosebleeds – unfortunately, the people in front of us spent the first half of the show repetitively tilting their heads all over the place so they could try to see. But, the show fairly decent, the cast was bilingual which was a fun added bonus, and the theatre itself is really pretty (one of the old, classic theatres).

Camden Yards
Checking out Camden Yards on the way to Federal Hill.

Once the show was finished we went back to the waterfront and walked up Federal Hill.  There are some cannons and nice views of the waterfront, as well as a few monuments.  Though one dedicated to the Union solders was missing the monument itself. 😛

Harbor View
Federal Hill offers a good view of the Inner Harbor.

Post-walk coffee from near the University of Maryland medical school offered a quick pick-up for the drive out of town.  Traffic wasn’t too bad, though we did want to get away from all the other drivers for a bit and grab some grub.  Dinner was at Casey’s Crab Co, which was off a random exit on 295 south. Maryland is known for their crab, so it’s only fair that we try some while in town.  The fried shrimp was great, and Tony enjoyed the crab cake. We both liked the little crab balls (think tiny round crab cakes) and hand cut fries. They were topped with Old Bay, which was good, but could have used a couple pinches of salt for added flavor.  The casual atmosphere was fun, and it was definitely a good place to stop on the way back to DC from Baltimore.

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