BBQ Post 401: Good, Quick BBQ

If you are looking for good BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA, then BBQ Post 401 may just be the place for you.  It is considered an “outpost” of the Dixie Bones in Woodbridge, VA, which appears to mean that it has a smaller menu than the main location.

The menu at BBQ Post 401 itself consists of just three meats, pork, beef, and chicken, in either a plate or sandwich format. The sides? Just fries and coleslaw. While this may seem to be a downside, these items are prepared very well.  On two separate occasions, we had tasty, moist smoked beef and pork that rivaled BBQ that we’ve had anywhere else.  Our sauce of choice, the original tomato BBQ, compliments the meat very well and does not overpower the actual flavor of the meat. My only complaint with the sauce is that it could have a little more spice, but this did not detract from the quality of the meal.  There are two other sauces, a vinegar-based sauce and an Alabama-style white sauce. I don’t prefer these styles personally, so I can’t comment on their quality.  🙂  The fries and coleslaw were awesome, and Louisa especially liked the slaw on her pork sandwich.

UPDATE: After reading this post, Louisa informed me that she disagrees with my assessment that the sauce could use more spice.  She liked it as-is. 🙂

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