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Are you driving from Richmond to DC (or along I-95 and are near exit 130)?  Then you have some great and relatively quick food choices – home cooked, delicious, and better (much better) than any fast food.  Try the delicious soup (including fantastic New England clam chowder), breads, and grilled pizza at Basilico NY Deli.  Two pizza recommendations are the chicken and pesto, or the potato and garlic.  The thin crusts are fantastic, and the sauce is perfectly seasoned.  Don’t forget dessert – cakes, cookies, and pastry.  We highly recommend anything with ricotta, as well as the Mascarpone cake, and the dessert of the day (recently it was a tart with shortbread crust, lemon custard filling and blueberry topping). 😉 (We have also posted an earlier review of Basilico here.)

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If you’re in downtown Fredericksburg, you must (must) check out Foode.  The food is incredibly fresh (and often organic, free-range, etc.) and delicious.  Everything on the menu is good; this is actually the first restaurant I’ve wanted to try each item they offer.  On this particular trip we sampled some crostini (toasted with butter, salt, a dash of herbs and garlic) topped with a smear of chevre and home made apple butter, as well as crostini with home made pimento cheese.  The cream of mushroom soup had a thin broth with a generous amount of flavorful diced mushrooms (the soup was actually heavy on the mushrooms, light on the broth).  Each of the salads is good, though I recommend their house salad, with candied bacon and green goddess dressing.  The beef brisket is tender, and is served over creamy mashed potatoes.  Desserts are similarly delicious – this time we had rice pudding brulee, and warm chocolate chip cookies with milk.  You can also check out their pantry section, where they offer wine, granola, oats, eggs, and to-go items (including hummus, salads, and soups).  We still need to try their hand cut fries, as well as some of the chicken dishes.

Food Tour Fredericksburg, VA

The best coffee in Fredericksburg is actually a short drive up Route 1 towards Falmouth.  Blackstone Coffee offers freshly-ground coffee and great pastries.  Their signature coffee cake is more like a pecan pie cake, and the ginger pound cake is surprisingly light.  Try the siphon coffee for a lesson in chemistry and the smoothest cup of coffee you could want.

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