Easter weekend: 24 hours (including driving) in Charleston, SC

April 22-23, 2011 – On the evening of Good Friday we both got off work, grabbed some to-go food from Sammy T’s in Fredericksburg.  We recommend the camper’s special, particularly if you like hummus, veggie burgers, sauteed veggies, and lemon tahini dressing, as well as the crab cakes.  However, Louisa was disappointed with the chicken and dumplings, since the dumplings were hard and flour-y, rather than soft and flaky.  Getting the food to go allowed us to get on the road quickly.  This seemed like a good idea since we had 7+ hours to cover.  While we managed to make great time, 0130 is still rather late to be getting in after a full day’s work. 😉

Saturday morning we couldn’t resist the urge to get up relatively early and stop at Bojangles for some chicken and biscuits.  After a few chores/errands, it was time for some fun.  Fun, of course, is a multi-hued term which in this case meant checking out a seafood dive for lunch.  Fishnet Seafood is a dive.  Don’t get me wrong, the food was great – fried white fish, shrimp (wonderful), sea scallops (wow) and whole-bellied clams (why didn’t the clams in Maine taste like this?), along with hush puppies, fries and fried okra.  The atmosphere is interesting in its own right, is it still legal to smoke inside restaurants?  Sure, if the restaurant is a seafood deli in an old gas station. 😉

Since the food was the highlight, we happily took our brimming-to-bursting Styrofoam container (sorry Earth) and drove over to Caw Caw.

The day was perfect for a picnic lunch in the car (windows down, doors open) then a quick walk through the rice fields. Seeing four swallow-tailed kites was the highlight of our walk, though we also enjoyed watching the gators swimming or sunning themselves.
Post walk festivities included more driving and dinner at Chik-fil-A.


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