Beehive, Gorham Mountain, and Acadia Mountain

May 30, 2011 – We were awakened by the sound of a thunderstorm, so we re-set the clocks and got a bit of rest (i.e. slept in till about 7am!).  Hoping the weather clears!

Climbing The Beehive
There was no shortage of climbing today.

Breakfast was tasty again, and it was nice enough to eat outside.  However, the rain rolled back through, so we took shelter with another couple under an umbrella.  Just as quickly, the rain cleared, and the weather turned warm, humid and sunny.  We enjoyed grapefruit juice and coffee, maple syrup muffins, a fruit plate, scrambled eggs with cheesy thick-sliced toast, and baked tomatoes with cheese and herbs before heading out to the trails.

Ullikana Breakfast
The breakfast was so good that we forgot to take photos before starting.

First we stopped to watch a female peregrine falcon flying and sitting on cliffs by the Precipice Trail, which is closed because of the nesting birds.  🙂

A high-powered scope (or creative use of the ellipse shape tool) was needed to see the falcon.

Our final destination was the Sand Beach parking lot.  We were headed to the Beehive Trail, with an extender hike to the Bowl and Gorham Mountain.  The weather was clear (unlike the early morning!), and there were very few puddles on the rapidly warming rocks.  We got on the trail around 9:45am, along with a few other hikers.  There were great views all the way up the Beehive – plus climbing the ladders / rungs is lots of fun, too!  (Although there’s always, always someone who insists on climbing down the Beehive.  People, stop. Listen to me.  It’s a one-way hike – up.  Once you’re up, go down another way.  Like Gorham Mountain.)  Once at the top we admired the view for a bit then went down to the Bowl, and eventually up and then down Gorham Mountain.

Top Of Beehive
The view from the top of the Beehive is awesome.

Well, the previous hike was apparently not our final destination.  The day was just too nice to not hit up another mountain.  Plus we (er, Louisa) figured we’d be too tired tomorrow to do a double-header hike. 😉  Acadia Mountain was the destination of choice.  Flying Mountain was closed since more falcons were nesting, but the other trails in the Western mountain area were open.  The beginning part of the hike has a few roots, but nothing like the areas by Norumbega.  There was also a bit of scrambling/climbing through rock crevices.  Wide open views of the Sound greeted us at the top of the large rock we were climbing; and then there were three snakes on the trail down the mountain.  Not too many people must hike down that way, although it’s a pleasant (albeit steep and rocky) hike.  And there’s a fire road at the bottom which provides an easy walk back to the car.

Acadia Mountain View
Acadia Mountain offers great views of Somes Sound below.

Dinner was again at Café This Way – we enjoyed the lobster and crab spring rolls with plum dipping sauce as an appetizer.  Louisa did a reprise of her dinner while Tony tried another special.  This one was grass-fed veal, along with a wild mushroom and fingerling potato hash; the combination was fantastic.  We had blueberry muffins from the Acadia Store for dessert while overlooking the water, then enjoyed some tea back at the inn.

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