Joint Services Open House and Air Show

Cockpit Photo
Hanging out in the cockpit.

May 21, 2011 – We arrived at Andrews Air Force Base around 9am for the Joint Services Open House and Air Show.  Even after going through security and getting over to the air show site, we still had an hour to walk around and look at the planes. We got to see a few transport craft, including one from Russia that’s been used by the DoD since 2000, helicopters, a UAV, andvarious ground vehicles.  Other highlights, in random order:

1.  Snacking on chargrilled hot dogs and lamb gyros.  Who knew that we would both like tzatziki (and yes, we recognize that “county fair” quality will be sub-standard, but if we like the poor imitation, how much better will the real thing be)?

2.  Watching the Warthog fly.

3.  Sky typers.

4. Several aerial acrobats, including one pilot who’s been performing at the show for for 19 years.

5. Thunderbirds.  These were the final act, and definitely one of the highlights.

6.  F-18, F-16 and F-15 fly, sometimes together and in formation.

7.  Golden Knights.

8. Waiting in line for the shuttles.  Okay, this was a “low light” since the people in charge of the shuttles mostly took people from line 1, ignoring those of us in the other three lines.  However, we all eventually made it back to our cars.

9. Dinner at The Tender Rib. This may be one of our favorite BBQ places, including BBQ we had in Kansas City. Tony tried the ribs, and Louisa had rib tips. The mild sauce was the perfect complement to the meat, which was itself smoked perfectly – tender, savory, with a generous smoke ring. Delicious sides rounded out the meal – mac n cheese, cole slaw, candied yams (Louisa’s least favorite side) and french fries. Next time we’d like to try the corn nuggets, as well as the corn bread with maple pecan butter.

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