Ladder Trail and the Tarn

Stepping Stones
The stepping stones at the Tarn were a fun start to the trail.

May 29, 2011 – Well, the cruise ship got into town early… it’s been blowing the fog horn since 6:50am.  Fortunately we were already awake!  Even with the cruise ship, it should be less crowded now than when we visited last August, when there were more people in town plus a cruise ship.

Here's Your Sign
Here's your sign.

This morning it’s looking rather foggy and breezy, so we’re going to take our time getting ready and enjoy a nice breakfast at the B&B.  Our plan is to hike the ladder trail up Dorr Mountain; fingers crossed the weather cooperates!  Breakfast was fantastic, as usual – juice, coffee, warm lemon poppyseed muffins, baked apple with cranberries, yogurt and warm honey (Louisa also topped hers with granola), and chocolate crepes with a ricotta cream filling and raspberry coulis.

Foggy Hiking
The hiking is a little foggy at the start...

We parked north of the Tarn, hiked over and around rocks, and headed up the trail.  We were excited to begin climbing up the ladders. At the top of Dorr we decided to take a 0.6 out and back side trip up Cadillac Mountain.  Cadillac and Dorr were both covered in fog, and the granite rocks were still slightly damp.  Progress was slow, but we eventually made it down the saddle and to the top of Cadillac.  Our glasses soon misted up regardless of how often we wiped them off.  A huge pile of rocks made up the cairn on top of Dorr; we contributed our own tiny piece.  The walk back down was even windier, we could see why the trees had become perpetually bent under the force of the wind.

Foggy Top
...and even foggier at the top!

We had a pretty walk back towards the car past a beaver dam and lodge.  By the time we were by the Tarn the weather was beginning to clear a bit, so we headed towards Sieur de Monts Springs.  We saw the springs and wild gardens, but decided there were other areas to explore.  Namely the waiting area by Jordan Pond House.  The popovers with whipped butter and strawberry jam, as well as the lemonade were worth the 30 minute wait.  The lemonade is served as lemon juice with a lemon wedge, along with a tiny pitcher of simple syrup so each diner can adjust the sweetness.

View Of The Tarn
The sky did start to clear up near the end of the hike.

Dinner tonight was at Side Street Café.  Tony enjoyed the nightly special of lobster Alfredo, while Louisa liked the Caesar salad and the Emmy sandwich – pesto, fresh mozzarella, avocado (which got lost a bit within the rest of the ingredients), lettuce, tomato and sprouts on a grilled pita.  Unfortunately the pesto soaked through the pita a bit too much, but was still tasty.  The food – particularly the fresh lobster – was good enough to (hopefully) warrant a return trip.

Rock And Flowers
Late May is a good time to see flowers like this on the island.

After dinner we took a stroll down the ocean walk.  We made it to the end of the path this time and cut inland.  Looking up at the sky around 9pm we saw a bright (rather large) bluish-green meteor with a tiny trail slowly moving further into Earth’s atmosphere from across Frenchman’s Bay.  Other excitement involved finding a great slice of blueberry pie/crisp (it was labeled as pie, but both crusts were cinnamon-sugar-granola) at the Acadia Store.


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