Charleston, SC Restaurant Recap

Charleston Skyline
Nothing like a walk through downtown Charleston!

July 23, 2011 – Saturday’s adventure led us downtown, where we parked at the Battery.  We wandered a few blocks over to Fast and French for gazpacho, the sandwich Provencal with goat cheese and black olive paste on a good baguette, and the croq’ monsieur with ham.  The gazpacho and breads were very good.   The croq’ monsieur sandwich was the crowd favorite.  The black olive spread was good, but very salty; I’d probably try a goat cheese and baguette sandwich next time and skip the sandwich Provencal.

There’s also a great wine shop, goat. sheep. cow., that you can stop at on the way back to the Battery.

Charleston Food
Go ahead and try to reach through the monitor… You know you want to.

July 24, 2011 – On Sunday we ventured back into town, but this time we parked in a garage near the College of Charleston.  First up was Caviar and Bananas for a breakfast wrap and omelet.  The wrap was good and had egg, homemade chorizo, cheese and avocado.  The omelet was simple but tasty, and the redskin potatoes were a great side dish.  We also enjoyed a s’mores bar and a macadamia nut coconut blondie bar for dessert.  The baked goods were possibly even better than the brunch entrees; the cookies also looked quite delicious, so we’ll definitely be back!

On the way back to the car we just so happened to find an amazing little bagel shop, called (appropriately) The Bagel Shop.  We picked up half a dozen bagels, including plain, sesame and everything.  They also have breakfast sandwiches and coffee.  They’re probably the best bagels we’ve had outside of NYC (shout out to Murray’s Bagels!), so if you love bagels give them a try.

And what weekend in Charleston would be complete without a sunset walk on the beach? 😉

Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe on Urbanspoon Caviar & Bananas on Urbanspoon The Bagel Shop on Urbanspoon

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