Downtown Charleston: Charleston Tea Company

Charleston Tea Company is a cute little spot in downtown Charleston. It feels like it’s off the beaten path, but really isn’t too far of a walk from the main tourist (read; over-priced shopping) district. We started our meal with the chicken Caesar salad and a cup of the soup of the day, cream of crab. The salad and dressing were great, and the soup was fantastic – thick, creamy, and definitely tasting of some good crab. Our main lunch entrees were the cheddar and bacon panini, and a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. The bagel was fresh, but the panini was excellent (particularly if you dipped it in the soup!).

We also got a cappuccino and a mint iced tea for drinks. The cappuccino was decent, but you aren’t really missing anything if you don’t order it. The mint iced tea, however, is a must-try – fresh, minty, refreshing, and delicious. And this is coming from a non-iced tea fan! Overall, if you’re in the area and looking for a nice lunch (or some great iced tea), check out the Charleston Tea Company.


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