Restaurant Review: Carolina Bay Seafood and Restaurant

We were craving some good seafood, and thought we’d try a local fish market.  Carolina Bay Seafood is a small shop in North Charleston serving both dine in and to go options.  We chose to eat in, although we did smell rather fishy afterwards. 😉

Simply put, this is the best shrimp we’ve found in Charleston – lightly breaded, non-greasy, perfectly fried and fresh, what more could you want?  The scallops were very tender and good, though not as good as the shrimp.  Hush puppies were similar to those at Fishnet Seafood, basic cornmeal without additions.  They were okay, but we prefer those at Page’s Okra Grill.  The sweet potato fries were excellent, and the onion rings were tender and thick cut although slightly greasy.  The sweet tea was just so-so, though the punch was like Hawaiian Punch.

Must try: shrimp, sweet potato fries

Avoid: onion rings, sweet tea

Maybe try: hush puppies, scallops, punch

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