Restaurant Review: Page’s Okra Grill

Thursday night we set out to Mt. Pleasant in search of some great food at Page’s Okra Grill. We got there around 6pm, and were pleased to discover that they have an abundance of tables for two (read: no waiting in line, yay!). We were quite hungry by this point, so we ordered a sampling of food to share. The starter of choice was shrimp and grits. The shrimp was fresh, and the grits were served in grit cake triangles (similar to how polenta is often served). The entire dish was covered with a creamy seafood-y type sauce, which was rich and satisfying.

Our dinner selections were a bowl of (also rich, delicious) she crab soup, along with the seafood platter. Tony declared it as some of the best fried fish (in this instance, flounder) he’s ever had, and the shrimp were good as well. The crab cake was also full of crab (not filler).  The sides received as much attention as the rest of the meal.  We chose mac ‘n cheese (creamy, cheesy, everything you want mac ‘n cheese to be and then some) and rice with gravy (we were split on whether we would try this side again; it was good, just not our thing).  The hush puppies were also awesome – they weren’t too moist but they definitely weren’t dry, and were appropriately fried so they were crispy but not greasy.  In summary, if you’re looking for fresh seafood, hush puppies, mac ‘n cheese, she crab soup, or from the looks of them, some great desserts, you can’t go wrong with Page’s Okra grill.


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