Restaurant Review: Taco Spot

It’s Saturday morning, just before lunch. You might happen to be in Charleston, SC, looking for some funky little place with bottles of hot sauce on the wooden bar and ’80s rock playing on the radio. Oh, and some of the best tacos we’ve had – think: CA comes to SC. If so, head on over to Taco Spot in West Ashley.  We went around noon so we could order off both the regular menu and the special 10-2 Saturday breakfast menu.  I tried the blackened group taco and the migas taco, as well as the potato cake.  Hubby had two breakfast tacos, and some semi-sweet tea with a lime wedge.  We hadn’t even gotten through two bites of taco before we knew we were coming back because we wanted to try even more of the food, it was that good.

The breakfast tacos were full of very fluffy egg (even the non-egg fan among us was impressed), black beans and salsa.  The blackened grouper was good, though I would probably try a different taco next time; the shredded iceburg lettuce wouldn’t be my first choice, but the fish itself was good.  The potato cake was small but good, topped with diced tomato and cucumber.  And migas tacos are spicy, crunchy, full of eggs and cheese – great if you’re looking for something a bit zesty.  Overall, highly recommended!

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