Coffee review: LOCAL Market & Coffee Bar

We’ve been driving by an interesting statue of a green woman, dressed in weather appropriate attire (i.e. rain gear, baseball hats, t-shirts, etc.) for quite a few months now. About a week ago we finally realized she’s the mascot to a coffee shop called LOCAL Market & Coffee Bar (her name’s Ida Thumwar, by the way).  Today we stopped in for lunch and a few treats.  Our coffee choices were the daily special white chocolate raspberry mocha and the Local mocha frappe, which had both caramel and chocolate flavorings.  The raspberry mocha was sweet but not overly so, and the Local frappe was very well blended – and topped with very rich real (at least it tasted real!) whipped cream.  We also tried the grilled cheese sandwich, which was toasted sourdough with pimento (loved it) and some type of Parm/Asiago cheese blend.  It was really good, particularly if you like pimento cheese.  We got the couscous on the side, it’s served chilled and simply seasoned with a few cranberries.  Nice and refreshing, particularly when paired with the rich grilled cheese.  We also tried a thick slice of pb/dark chocolate/banana bread.  This is called “trifecta bread” when rung up on the cash register, and is a fantastic combination – I don’t know why more places don’t do this.  Dessert was a blueberry lemon scone baked by Wild Flour pastry (tip: ask for them to warm up the scone).  It was tasty – moist, dense, rich, flaky, with just a hint of lemon, lots of nice blueberries in the center and a topping of crunchy sugar.

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