Review: Glazed

Glazed on King Street has some great doughnuts. Really great doughnuts. As in, “these could hold their own with Doughnut Plant in NYC” great doughnuts. Don’t believe me? Go check out their cake doughnuts. We tried the pumpkin doughnut with dulce de leche icing. Admittedly this doughnut was good but not fantastic. The pumpkin is very subtle, and the doughnut is good… not just WOW. Then we sampled the sweet potato doughnut with brown butter icing. That doughnut is a WOW doughnut. You can’t taste the sweet potato, though it does make the doughnut nice and slightly moist (not too moist, just like it’s solid but not dense; it feels like you’re actually eating something – make sense?). The brown butter icing moves this doughnut into the WOW category, we’d definitely try it again!

Glazed Gourmet on Urbanspoon

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