Review: Sesame Burgers and Beer

This past weekend we went back to Sesame Burgers and Beer. We started with the onion rings appetizer; the batter was crispy but surprisingly light, and the onion rings were thick cut and sweet. The sweet iced tea was quite good, too. We’ve never had a bad burger here, and the trend continued today. Choices were a make-your-own burger with portabello mushrooms, pesto, sauteed onions and mozzarella; the Memphis burger (with home made pb, banana slices and fabulous, crispy thick cut bacon – the bacon is a must-try); and black bean sliders (Memphis, Napa Valley – fig and bacon jam, blue cheese, red wine reduction, and South Carolina with pimento cheese).

The bean burgers were decent but nothing special, and actually a tad dry; I’d stick with the beef next time. The pimento cheese portion was also a little underwhelming, and the burger had to be jazzed up with the house made ketchup and deli-style beer mustard. On the plus side the Memphis was surprisingly good – I know it sounds strange, but the combination works, particularly if you like the sweet-salty mix. The Napa Valley was good too, until I ate all the blue cheese and was just left with the (slightly tangy) red wine reduction. Next time I’d do a specialty burger with just the blue cheese and fig and bacon jam (again, working the sweet-salty mix). We also tried the seasoned steak fries, which were also cooked well.

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