Congaree National Park

Barred Owl
This Barred Owl was the highlight of the trip.

December 10, 2011 – Since it was already a week since our last road trip, we took a road trip to Columbia. ┬áSince we like to travel through food, we stopped for lunch at a local place called Albert’s Deli. We tried a couple great sandwiches, one with roast beef/turkey/pastrami and melted cheese (the Better Boy), the other with Lebanon bologna and on toasted rye. Both sandwiches were great, we’d definitely go back.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
This yellow-bellied sapsucker was the first bird sighting of the day.

After lunch we continued on to Congaree National Park. We had a few hours before the park closed and wanted to explore some of the elevated boardwalk. We had fun on the boardwalk, and took a few photos.

Red Headed Woodpecker
We finally saw a Red-Headed Woodpecker on this trip.
Barred Owl 2
The Barred Owl was enjoying the peace and quiet in the late afternoon.


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