Olympic Rings, Battlefield walk and Coffee

December 3, 2011 – Once we finished lunch we continued past the Aquarium and a few blocks to Centennial Park, home of the Olympic fountain, which is shaped like the Olympic rings. This area is a pretty park in the middle of downtown Atlanta, complete with (Christmas) trees, elevated fire pits leftover from the 1996 Olympic games, the CNN studios… and hundreds of LSU and UGA fans going to the Georgia Dome for the SEC championship game. We bypassed most of the craziness and headed towards Martin Luther King Jr’s boyhood haunts. Once we were within a few blocks we decided that was close enough, and it was time to get out of the city.

Battlefield Trail
The battlefield is a great place to walk… or relax.

Past Marietta is Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, which is complete with a variety of nice walking trails, rolling hills, trees, and chickadees and blue birds. This was just what we needed to counteract the craziness of the football crowds.

Battlefield Trail 2
Yep, definitely a good place to relax.

It wasn’t quite time for dinner, so we spent a few minutes at a Daily Grind coffee shop, enjoying a blended mocha that tasted like an amazing chocolate milkshake, and a caramochanut latte (hot, thank you). Their scones looked great – we chose the white chocolate raspberry scone. It was quite good, particularly if you have them warm it up. This is a great coffee shop. And their frozen/blended drinks are perfectly smooth, a real rarity. Oh, and there’s a back room you can rent… I think there were about 6 women playing bridge, it looked like an intense game. 😉


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