Restaurant Review: Fat Philly’s Wings and Things

Scenario: You’ve just spent a few hours walking around the (fabulous) Georgia Aquarium and are hungry. The SEC championship game also happens to be in town and traffic is pretty much gridlocked, despite the efforts of traffic cops on every corner.

Problem: You want food. Now.

Solution: Go to Fat Philly’s, right across the street. Yes, it doesn’t look like much from the outside. And it might look like even less from the inside. And there might be no one there. But, you cannot go wrong with getting the Philly cheese steak, with mushrooms. This sandwich could go up against some of the best in Philly itself. The bread is soft, but substantial enough to hold the hot, yummy, juicy steak and mushrooms. They’re generous with the white American cheese – and they put it on the bottom of the bread, so it’s melted by the hot filling but also prevents the bread from breaking apart.

Fat Philly’s Wings & Things on Urbanspoon

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