Restaurant Review: Heirloom Market BBQ

We like BBQ. Correction – we like well-smoked meat, complete with an obvious smoke ring and a caramized exterior, that’s also tender and still moist, home made sauces that incorporate a variety of BBQ styles (though we’re partial to Kansas City and TX), and well-prepared side dishes. Basically, we want it all. And we found it at Heirloom Market BBQ. This uanssuming little place shares a building with a (rather interesting looking) liquor store. It’s small inside – we ate at the counter – with seating for about 12-15. But let’s talk about the food. It’s obviously smoked – the restaurant smells faintly of BBQ cooking, and there’s a massive pile of wood outside the door. And a smoker in the kitchen. We wanted to try a sampling, and settled on brisket, pork, and ribs, with Brunswick stew and mac ‘n cheese for the sides.

I don’t quite know where to begin. This is probably the best all-around BBQ we’ve had (and we’ve eaten at restaurants from CO to Kansas City to SC, though we still have to get to TX). All of the BBQ was tender and moist, complete with obvious smoke rings and a crunchy (but not burned) exterior crust. The brisket was sliced thick and was fork-tender. I don’t even like brisket, well, I thought I didn’t, and this was phenominal. The sauces are a bit different – there’s a spicy vinegar, a house sauce that’s like a Kansas City style sauce (this goes well on the brisket and decently well on the ribs), a sweet Asian sauce (kind of like a sweet and sour BBQ sauce, which was great on the pork and good on the ribs), and a hot Texas style sauce. Oh, and the sandwich bun that comes with the meal is toasted and buttered, which is a nice touch. The mac ‘n cheese is a bit zesty – Tony thought it was the best mac ‘n cheese he’s ever had, and Louisa thought it was pretty good too. The Brunswick stew was good, though the meat was a bit chewy. It was well-spiced, though, and good with a drizzle of the Kansas City style sauce. This place also makes a mean Sweet Tea to help wash down a fantastic meal. If you like BBQ, don’t pass this place by!

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