Restaurant Review: Brunch at The Glass Onion

We’ve driven by The Glass Onion dozens of times. And the parking lot is always packed. Today we got to discover why. We arrived around 11:45 for lunch (which was a great idea, because by noon they had a line and the tables were quickly filling up). You walk in, order, and then grab a table, which was perfect for a casual (but delicious) lunch.

We decided to go with the sweet potato and smoked sausage hash (which came with two eggs, scrambled, please), the pimento cheese omelet (we were warned the cheese was on the spicy side, which we prefer), and the half order of biscuit and gravy. Then Tony saw something about “half off mimosas” so we sampled those too.

Now, the food. The food is good. Really good. Almost good enough to make us want to go again every week… except there are still other restaurants we want to try. Anyway… the pimento cheese is indeed spicy and delicious, and the amount in the omelet is very generous. The hash is fantastic – even if you don’t like sweet potatoes (or smoked sausage), you’ll like this. The sweet potatoes are caramelized and slightly flavored by the sausage, and there are a few peppers and onions tossed in for good measure. The biscuit is large, fluffy, and perfectly complemented with just a hint of gravy (featuring the same smoked sausage, peppers, and onions). And if you’re into adult beverages, you won’t be sorry to try the mimosas. 😉

If you want a well-prepared Southern brunch, give this place a try!

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