Restaurant Review: Santora’s Pizza

Buffalo has a lot – A LOT – of pizza places.  There almost seems to be one on every corner, and even the smaller towns have multiple (local) pizza shops.  This past trip we branched out and tried a new one, Santora’s Pizza.  It’s rather small inside, so get there early (by 5pm on weekends), and uber casual.  Which is fine with us, since we’re more focused on the food than on fancy surroundings.  And the food is good.  We got two pizzas – ham and pineapple, and mushroom and pepperoni.  The crust is closer to NY style than Chicago, and very good.  The sauce is plentiful and surprisingly sweet.  This made the ham and pineapple the preferred pizza that night.  However, this pizza is almost better as leftovers the next day.  Warm or cold, it makes a fantastic lunch.  The sauce also mellows a bit (becoming less sweet), and is also good with the spicy pepperoni and mushroom topping combination.  Overall, would definitely recommend the pizza here!

Santora's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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