Beaufort, SC and Hunting Island State Park

Beach Walk
It was a nice day for a beach walk.

January 7, 2012 – What to do on a nice, warm winter weekend in Charleston, SC? One option is to drive down Highway 17 to Beaufort and Hunting Island State Park. Beaufort is a beautiful small town with a great waterfront park. They also have a fantastic bagel and coffee shop, Palm and Moon Bagel Co. – our favorites are any type of bagel sandwiches (this time our selections were the BLT and a breakfast sandwich) as well as a coffee.  There are also a few fun candy shops (including one that sells a variety of Jelly Belly flavors – our favorites are apple pie and mojito, though the vanilla is a close third).

These Sanderlings were hungry.

After getting lunch and stopping to enjoy the swings by the water, we continued to Hunting Island state Park.  This time of year there aren’t too many bugs this time of year, perfect for a nice walk on the beach.

Pro tip: Karaoke is never a good idea when the bridge is out.

On the way back home we got caught for a few minutes in bridge traffic – the drawbridge was swung out to allow boats to pass through.  Unfortunately for us, the blondes (they were literally blonde) in the car ahead of us throught they would do some karaoke.  This was unfortunate for all involved, particularly when they started blasting the soundtrack to “Titanic.”

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