Restaurant Review: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

Jack’s recently opened a new Cosmic Dogs location in West Ashley. Hot dogs, draft root beer and awesome fries? Yes, please!  We headed over for a pleasant mid-week dinner date. We tried the corn dog and cosmic dog, and split a basket of fries and a draft root beer.

Both dogs were beefy and delicious. The corn dog was perfectly done, and the cosmic dog was unique (and tasty)! It was topped with yummy blue cheese slaw (I did add some salt and pepper, but I do that with all cole slaws) and the sweet potato mustard was a nice accompaniment. Admittedly, the blue cheese sort of overpowers the mustard, but the mustard still supplies a nice bit of sweet-tartness. It was served with a fresh sesame seed bun that was substantial enough to prevent any dining mishaps (such as mustard leaking through a flimsy bun onto a white shirt). The fries are excellent, thin cut, real potatoes, and perfectly fried. Add a bit of salt and grab some malt vinegar, or shake on some Cajun seasonings from the jar at the pick-up window. And don’t forget the draft root beer, served in a frozen (er, frosty) mug!

Jack's Cosmic Dogs - West Ashley on Urbanspoon

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