Restaurant Review: Magnolia’s

Saturday evening we went out for a belated date night dinner at
Magnolias, in downtown Charleston. The restaurant is very pretty
inside, with a black and white tiled floor, very, very high ceilings,
and two walls of mirrors (the other walls are the bar, and a long wall
of windows). We were seated against one of the mirrors, which suited
us fine.

Dinner started with warm, crusty bread and chive/sour cream whipped
butter. We each got soup to start – Tony tried the blue crab bisque
(fantastic), and Louisa tried the special squash bisque (also very
good). Entrees were the seafood over cheesy grits, and blackened
salmon with grits and succotash. The seafood and grit combination was
excellent – lots of shrimp, large pieces of lobster, and very tender
scallops served in lobster cream sauce over grits. The blackened
salmon was cooked well, as were the rich, creamy grits and succotash
(made with actual corn cut off the cob). For dessert we split a slice
of buttermilk pie, topped with a bit of homemade whipped cream. The
filling was fantastic, though Louisa believed the women in her family
make a better pie crust (this one was thick and lacked flavor).

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