Review: Huck’s Lowcountry Table

In Isle of Palms and looking for a good spot for dinner?  We recommend Huck’s Lowcountry Table.  The she crab soup is very good, with generous amounts of crab and a hint of nutmeg.  If you like crab, you’ll enjoy it; even if you don’t like crab, it’s worth at least at least a spoon fulls.  For dinner we tried a nightly special, seared strips of beef with BBQ sauce, served over julienned carrots and cucumber in a light vinaigrette with a grit souffle.  The beef was good, but not wonderful.  In contrast, the souffle was quite unique and was a nice airy change of pace.  And I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that the bread that came with dinner was also quite good.
Huck's Lowcountry Table on Urbanspoon

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