Restaurant review: Polonia

Do you like pasta, veggies, meat, amazing potato pancakes, and the type of place that does real home cooking??  If you’re in the Orlando area then Polonia has you covered.  We started the meal with some Polish beer; even though it was bottled and not draft, it tasted better than a lot of big American beers.  While we were perusing the menu some delicious egg bread and butter appeared!  We decided to order for maximum variety, sampling fresh (not smoked) sausage, stuffed cabbage, potato and onion pierogi, sauerkraut (good, but neither of us are sauerkraut fans), and potato pancakes with applesauce.  I’ve never been a kielbasa fan, I think it was something about the smoked flavor I didn’t like.  Fresh kielbasa is a world away from the smoked pre-packaged stuff, so order it without worry!

Everything was fantastic, from the huge and delicious stuffed cabbage (even the non-cabbage fan among us became a convert) to the pierogi to the potato pancakes (declared to be “just like Mom used to make!”).  We also saw many people ordering the cabbage and noodles (with bacon), and the food looked delicious.  This is the food your Polish mom or grandma might make, family recipes handed tweaked until they’re just right.  Polonia is a must-try, regardless of whether you or not you think you like Polish food!

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