Drive to Yosemite National Park

May 28, 2012 – This morning breakfast consisted of a juice smoothie, warm croissants with butter and jam, and cheese-filled, berry-topped crepes.  The food was good, and we were soon checked out and on our way downtown.  We spent the morning walking along the sidewalk towards Pacific Grove.  The weather was perfect, and we weren’t in a hurry to leave the ocean.  Soon enough we were on our way towards Yosemite.  Our lunch spot of choice was In-N-Out for burgers and fries (and Barqs root beer).  Their food is consistently good, and we make it a point to stop there whenever we’re in CA.  Don’t forget to check out their secret menu

Be sure to check out the murals along the Monterey Bay Coastal Path.

As we got back on the road, we saw someone selling cherries out of his pickup truck.  We stopped and picked up a pint; they were a bit warm (he had them in the shade, but it’s central CA… it gets warm here) but fresh and ripe.

Farm Drive
The area west of Yosemite contains some wide open spaces.

We got back on the road towards Yosemite and made decent time, pausing to check out a historic site with an old train car nearby.  We checked into our B&B, the Hounds Tooth Inn, and then headed into town to have dinner at Todd’s Cookhouse, a local BBQ place.  The food was fantastic, with the fried shrimp, ribs, and fried catfish as the stars of the show.  The coleslaw, fries, and hush puppies made great sides.  We would highly recommend this little place for some good BBQ in the middle of CA.

Dolphin Rock
The hours before sunset provide great lighting on “Dolphin Rock.”

After dinner we headed into Yosemite National Park.  It wasn’t too crowded, so we were able to stop at a few overlooks and find a parking spot in the valley.  Timing was on our side, since we got to the valley floor in time to watch the sunset on Half Dome (aka “Dolphin Rock” – once you see it, you’ll always see it).  We also headed over to Yosemite Falls; all the falls seem to be near peak water flow this year (and this time of year), so we’re looking forward to having more pretty waterfall views over the next few days.


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