Restaurant Review: Uhlman’s Ice Cream

Monday night in June.  You’d think it’d be nice and slightly warm, not grey, cold (50s), windy and drizzly.  Regardless, you and about a dozen of your new closest friends are craving ice cream.  Uhlman’s Ice Cream is the perfect solution.  They have a few dozen flavors (we tried strawberry cheesecake, cake batter, Kahlua brownie, and coconut) and some very fresh sugar cones.  All the flavors were excellent, though my personal favorites were the cake batter and coconut (hubby also really liked the brownie).  We tried the small cones, which were plenty of ice cream, though the bottom scoop is larger than the top (so order whichever flavor you want more of first).  We highly recommend this place for any ice cream cravings.  Yes, they only take cash (ATM on site), but the prices are reasonable (and the ice cream so good) that it shouldn’t discourage you from giving them a try.

Uhlman's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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