Restaurant review: Classic 1 Pizza

Some Mondays you just don’t have much in the fridge.  Sure you could make pasta, or do the classic breakfast for dinner.  Or you could get pizza.  We opted for pizza from Classic 1 Pizza on Hosmer.  Toppings of choice were linguica, mushrooms, and garlic.  First, the bad…. there was a bit of a wait for the pizza.  Admittedly there were a lot of take out orders, but you might want to plan ahead and either get an appetizer or a light snack just in case they’re really busy.  But, once we got the food it was really good.  The crust is a bit thicker but still crunchy and served as a great base for the garlic butter sauce, good tomato sauce (although Louisa wishes there was more of it), a TON of cheese (which is always a good thing), fresh mushrooms and linguica.  The linguica was very, very mild and fairly thin; it was good (and had a great crisp on the edges), but we prefer it a tad spicier.  Overall, the pizza was very good, just not mind-blowing.  We would recommend it.

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