Restaurant Review: China Taste

Both of us are under the weather and cooking dinner wasn’t in the cards.  We were craving some decent Chinese food and thought we’d try out China Taste.  Here’s our take.

Wonton soup:  The wontons are good, the dough is a little floury but the filling is excellent.  The broth is very thin and light; it’s not bad, but definitely not rich and hearty and flavorful.  Overall: 3/5, very average and lackluster.

Egg rolls: Crispy, not greasy, with a generous and flavorful filling.  They come with house (fresh) spicy mustard and a wonderful house plum sauce.  Overall: 4 or 4.5/5.  We would order these every time, and anything else with the plum sauce.

General Tso’s chicken, medium spice:  Good chicken pieces, lightly fried and not really battered.  Different sauce, more like a sweet and sour sauce.  Also surprisingly lacking much flavor.  Overall: 3/5, nothing special but not bad.

Overall: 3.5/5, we’d order the egg rolls again and might give a shrimp dish a try.  Otherwise we’ll look elsewhere for Chinese food.

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