Restaurant Review: Gibbet Hill Grill

We wanted good food (really good food), good beer, and a nice but not stuffy atmosphere.  Gibbet Hill Grill has all three, plus great service.  Admittedly, they lost our dinner reservation, but fortunately were not too crowded so it wasn’t a big deal (though is something to be aware of – if you make a reservation, it might be a good idea to keep track of whom you spoke with, since the hostess did ask me that and I had no idea). Anyway, back to the restaurant.

The restaurant looks like a barn.  A really nice, lodge-like barn with huge, high beams, a fieldstone fireplace, rustic tables (with space to move between them – no knocking elbows with any new best friends), and good sound dampening.  We could actually hear each other speaking, a rarity in a large, crowded restaurant.

We started dinner with the complimentary bread and butter; the bread was from a nearby bakery, and the cornbread was made in-house.  Both were excellent, and had us eagerly anticipating the appetizer of choice – crab dip.

This crab dip was amazing.  Seriously – huge pieces of fresh Maine crab (including the claw meat), a hint of cream cheese, and a topping of local cheese (white and mild, like provolone).  The dip came with some crackers, but we would have happily eaten it plain.  Between the dip and the beer, we were ready to call the evening a success.

Next up was the soup.  The clam chowder is fantastic – medium consistency, generous clam presence, rich, hearty – everything we want clam chowder to be.  The roasted squash soup with spicy pepper jelly was just alright, and I probably wouldn’t order it again.  I like sweeter squash soups, and this one was rather bland except for the (very savory, very spicy, almost bitter) jelly.  It was good for what it was, but isn’t my style.

Now, for the main course.  Gibbet Hill has their own herd of cattle on the hillside, so of course we had to go with the steaks.  We each got filet, and both were cooked excellently.  There’s a bit of seasoning on them, just enough to complement the steak.

Sides were hit and miss.  The mac n’ cheese was the star, and the potatoes were good.  The baked beans have a very strong molasses presence, and the brussel sprouts are a tad tangy due to the preparation style.  I’d recommend the mac n’ cheese and any potato dish.

Overall, 4.5/5 stars (docked half a star for losing our reservation)

Food, 5/5 stars

Service, 5/5 stars

We’d definitely return.

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