Restaurant Review: Silver Palate Pizza

We’ve been trying to find a good pizza place.  What’s good pizza?  Flavorful sauce, good crust (thick or thin, as long as it’s slightly crispy and appropriately chewy, and can hold up the toppings, it’s good in our book), cheese (lots of cheese) and spicy pepperoni = a good pizza.  Silver Palate Pizza makes good pizza – check out the pepperoni and meatball toppings.  One word, the meatballs are sliced thin, but they’re good.  As is the pepperoni.  And the chewy crust.

The garlic cheese bread is well seasoned and cheesy, and served on a submarine roll (no French bread here).  We might not get the bread again, but we’ll be back for the pizza.  Oh, and they’re cash only, so either make sure you have an emergency $20 in your pocketbook, or an ATM card.


Silver Palate Pizza on Urbanspoon

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