Campobello and Acadia

May 25, 2013 – Our destination for the day was Campobello. We stopped at the lighthouse just over the bridge into Canada to take some photos, then went up to the Roosevelt cottage. We watched the short video at the visitor center, then toured the cottage itself. All the guides there were very good, we enjoyed talking with one woman who’s father used to ferry the local folks back and forth from the island to Lubec; apparently he also met and ferried FDR. The cottage itself was very pretty, with a very nice view. It’s much less stuffy than Hyde Park, which is a plus in our book.

Campobello was fun to tour, even in the rain.

We started to drive around the island, but decided to get lunch instead at Family Fisheries Restaurant & Take Out on the way back towards the base of the island. We tried their fried seafood platter – fresh and good haddock, scallops, whole-bellied clams and popcorn shrimp, as well as fries, coleslaw, and onion rings.  We would definitely come back when touring Campobello.

Campobello Tour
The self-guided tour of Campobello was informative.

On the way to Southwest Harbor we stopped at Schoodic Point.  It was still a bit drizzly, but perfect for watching some of the rather large waves crashing over and against the rocks.  While there isn’t as much hiking at Schoodic Point, it’s very scenic and (in nice weather) the perfect spot for a picnic or just watching the water.

Schoodic Point
Schoodic Point is less populated than Mount Desert Island.

The Kingsleigh Inn in Southwest Harbor is very pretty, it used to be an old tavern and then a doctor’s office. By this time it had started to clear, so we went for a short hike to see two of the carriage path bridges. Things were a little flooded still, but the extra rain meant the waterfalls were particularly impressive. One word of caution – make sure both of you are good at crossing flooded streams, particularly if you want to take a shortcut path to the actual carriage path.  Once we were both safely across (Louisa once, Tony 4 times since he kept demonstrating the best route) we were able to quickly finish the hike up to the bridges and the waterfalls.

Rainy Waterfall
The rain did not keep us from hiking a few miles to this waterfall.

We stopped at IGA for picnic supplies and had dinner at the Inn – onion rolls, deli meat and cheese, watermelon and spicy tortilla chips.  The inn also offers cookies in the evening, and tea/coffee (and port!) throughout the day.


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