Carriage Paths and Sunshine

May 27, 2013 – Monday dawned bright and clear. We ate breakfast and checked out of the inn, and promptly got stuck behind a Memorial Day Parade. Tony enjoyed listening to the music, then we were on our way to go for another hike at the Sieur de Monts┬ánature center. We checked out the wild gardens of Acadia, then walked the Jesup Trail boardwalk. There were a few American Redstarts in the trees, as well as other birds singing in the forest.

This porcupine may have been a crowd favorite of the day.

We enjoyed another picnic lunch, and saw some eiders bobbing in the ocean. There were also lots of little black spiders on the rocks, so we might have eaten most of lunch in the car and on big, flat, spider-less rocks.

Motley Crew of Sea Ducks
This is certainly a motley crew of sea ducks… and a seagull.

After lunch we headed out on another carriage path, this time to Amphitheater Bridge. Along the way Tony spotted a porcupine sleeping in a tree. We accidentally woke him up by taking photos, so he climbed down and out of sight. (He was back in the tree, higher up this time and still sleeping when we were walking back to the car).

After hearing thrushes for many hikes, we finally saw our first Hermit Thrush.

Dinner was at Jason’s New York Style Pizza in Bangor. They have three little tables in a strip mall window, but make some fantastic pizza. The deluxe is very good, and the pepperoni sticks are a must try. They’re a breadstick split down the middle, filled with garlic, tons of cheese, and pepperoni, then baked.


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